Test Your Home For Lead

St. Louis City offers FREE home lead inspections for City residents with children less than 6 years of age living in the home and for pregnant residents. Call 314-622-4800 to request a free home lead inspection or assistance from a Citizen Advocate.

  • lead inspection is an analysis of all coated surfaces which determines the presence of lead paint and also provides a report explaining the results of the analysis. Lead inspection services are available to owners of residential City properties in order to find lead-based paint, lead-based paint hazards, or other sources of lead that can cause poisoning.
  • If lead is found, there are Remediation Services for qualified residents.
  • If you rent, notify your landlord of any chipping, peeling or flaking paint.
  • As a renter, you have the right to request a home lead inspection and you cannot be evicted if lead is found.
  • If your child spends time in the home of a grandparent or a child care provider, encourage them to have a lead inspection of their home.