Kids Corner

Greetings Kids of St. Louis,

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m “Lino the Lead Safe Dino” and as the City’s Lead Safe Superhero, it’s my job to help keep you from getting sick from lead poisoning.

Look for me, decked out in my red Superhero cape and mask, at City events where kids and parents go to learn about healthy living. Some of the places that I’ll visit are:

  • Health Fairs
  • Neighborhood Festivals
  • Block Parties
  • The St. Louis Science Center

Contact us for the location of testing events. The Lead Safe team will be handing out stickers, buttons, magnets and other goodies with my picture on them, so stop by and say Hi!

That’s all for now, so until next time… Have fun, be safe, and become a Lead Safe Hero!


Your Pal,
Lino the Lead Safe Dino